Artist Statement

Inspired by our interior lives, Alicia Jones creates sculptures that explore hidden thoughts, emotions and insecurities. Her artwork showcases the commonalities that make us human, and merges how we appear on the outside with what we feel on the inside to create a new world where the hidden becomes visible.

Her recent work explores feeling like an impostor in the place that you live, in your role in society or even in your own body. For Alicia this is expressed as a missing sense of place. Being from nowhere, Alicia is unsure if she can belong anywhere. In this series she focuses on the impostor in all of us, each one of us alone and trying to connect with others.


Alicia Jones is an artist and sculptor living and working in Santa Fe, NM. Alicia was born in Carrington. North Dakota, and lived there until her family piled into a horse-drawn wagon headed for San Diego, California when she was four years old. The long journey was cut short in Colorado, where fate had decided that the beautiful San Luis Valley would be their ultimate destination. Growing up in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Alicia found herself constantly working with her hands. High school classes in woodshop and welding led to a B.A. focused on drawing and painting and eventually to a M.A. with an emphasis on sculpture. Her diverse background and education inspire Alicia to produce a wide array of art in a variety of media. Alicia is a proud mother, passionate teacher, outdoor enthusiast and avid gardener who is grateful she has the opportunity to share her creations with the world.